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How To Keep Your Trees Healthy in Five Ways

how to keep your trees healthy

Trees add to the beauty and liveliness of your property. Besides providing you with shade and fruit, they ensure you breathe clean air. Proper tree maintenance is essential to keep them healthy for many years.

In this post, our tree service company in Collegeville, PA, takes a deeper look into how to keep your trees healthy.

1. Water Your Trees

Providing your trees with adequate water helps them develop lush green foliage. For young trees, this care should also include ‘staking your small trees‘ to ensure they grow straight and strong, especially if they have a thin trunk and branches that can’t retain much water. Proper staking provides support and stability as they establish their root systems.

On the other hand, mature trees can hold considerable amounts of water, so they can go longer between waterings. A newly planted tree needs deep watering once every few weeks in the first two years to promote proper root growth.

You should water a mature tree several times a month. Consider increasing the frequency during hot and dry periods.

2. Ensure Proper Fertilization

Your trees need water and nutrients to grow and stay healthy. If your area has poor soil, it pays to fertilize your trees regularly. You can opt for commercial fertilizer or homemade compost.

If you go for commercial fertilizer, don’t ignore the instructions on the package. You don’t want to kill your trees with excess fertilizer simply because you couldn’t follow the instructions!

3. Perform Regular Pruning

You can hardly talk about how to keep your trees healthy without mentioning pruning. This tree care practice helps keep your trees healthy by eliminating diseased or dead branches and those growing in undesirable directions. You should prune your trees in winter or early spring before the start of the new growing season.

4. Prevent Pests & Diseases

You’ll always have insects in your environment. That means they’ll always have access to your trees. It all boils down to the types of insects and whether they could harm your trees or not.

Your trees could also be vulnerable to a wide range of diseases, including leaf rust and fire blight.

You can easily identify and treat some diseases and pests, but others can give you a hard time. It’s important to consult with a qualified arborist to properly diagnose and treat diseases and pests.

5. Mulch Your Trees

Mulching helps protect your trees against pests, weeds, and adverse weather conditions. It also ensures the roots receive essential nutrients, promoting healthy growth.

Add a two- to four-inch layer of mulch around your trees every year. Be careful not to use an excessively large pile of mulch that covers a significant portion of the trunk. This can lead to serious problems!

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

Now that you know how to keep your trees healthy, you should work with a reputable professional for the best results. If you need professional help in Collegeville, PA, Beyond the Leaf Tree & Shrub Experts is the go-to local arborist.

We provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Tree Pruning
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