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How to Properly Fertilize Evergreen Trees

fertilize evergreen trees

Like all landscape plants, evergreen trees need fertilization to stay healthy and vibrant. Have you noticed that your evergreen trees don’t have a consistent color? Perhaps your trees show key signs of slow growth.

With the right fertilization, you can keep your evergreens looking their best each season. In this post, we discuss the proper fertilization of evergreen trees as advised by a top-rated, reliable tree service in Collegeville, PA.

The Best Time to Fertilize Evergreen Trees

Timing matters when it comes to fertilization.

Fertilizing evergreens in springtime, for example, gives the trees sufficient time to absorb the nutrients and make the most of the fertilizer for their growth over spring and summer. Late fall also qualifies as a great time to fertilize evergreen or deciduous trees.

However, applying fertilizer in the summer may yield unsatisfactory results. You also want to avoid fertilizing during a drought or dry weather as the plants may struggle to absorb water and die prematurely.

If you’ve recently replanted or transferred an evergreen tree, adding a slow-release fertilizer will help repair any damage that may have occurred during the move and promote root re-establishment.

The Best Fertilizer for Evergreens

While tree care experts generally recommend slow-release fertilizers for evergreens, your trees may need different amounts of fertilizer with specific nutrients and varying frequencies.

Factors like the type and age of the tree and foliage coupled with a soil test can indicate a need for particular nutrients and details of organic matter lacking in your soil.

For example, mature evergreens or slow-growing trees require about two to four pounds of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet of soil surface every two to four years.

You can pick up a soil test at your local store or hire an expert to conduct a soil analysis and help you choose the best fertilizer. Also, invest in fertilizer formulated for trees as it will produce more dramatic results than your typical lawn fertilizer.

How to Fertilize Evergreen Trees

You may opt to inject liquid fertilizer directly into the soil around your evergreens or spread granular fertilizer evenly across the surface. The former technique delivers nutrients directly to the root zone for maximum results.

Remember, applying too much fertilizer or using a mix of nutrients with too much phosphorus and potassium will kill the tree. Evergreens can’t handle the intolerable amounts of sodium and soil salts from using too much of these elements.

Trust Your Local Tree Service for Help

If you need help with tree care, trust Beyond the Leaf Tree & Shrub Experts. As seasoned tree care professionals, we can handle just about any arboricultural task you throw our way, including:

  • Tree and shrub installations
  • Tree removal
  • Emergency storm damage
  • Plant healthcare programs

Call Beyond the Leaf Tree & Shrub Experts at (888) 606-3382 to request a free quote for service in Southeastern Pennsylvania or North or Central New Jersey. Reach out for more information on how to properly fertilize evergreen trees or for tips on how to keep your trees healthy.